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use of and all the web pages, hyperlinks, tools & services provided there below (hereinafter referred to as "the website" that expression shall include and successor or replacement website) is ruled by the subsequent terms and conditions as applicable to the website. this user agreement shall come into effect whenever a user(s) visit or usage of the website or upon registration and/or providing any information on the website. by signing on and using you specifically agree to abide by these rules & any modifications thereto.

the premier purpose of the user agreement, the registered user(s)/ visitor(s)("you") shall mean any legal person who has agreed to become a member of by providing registration data (as defined hereinafter) while registering on the website. as a registered user, this user agreement shall be effective & binding upon your 'acceptance'. if you do not agree and/or are not willing to be bound by these terms and conditions, please do not seek to obtain access to or otherwise use the website.

Use of the Site/ License/ Proprietary Rights

User(s)/You may use this website only when the user (you) warrants that.

Users must be at least 18 years of age.

The user must possess the legal authority to build a binding legal obligation.

User will use this Website in accordance with all Terms & Conditions herein.

Users will only use this Website to make legitimate reservations for himself/herself or for another person for whom he/she is legally authorized to act.

User will inform such other persons about the Terms of Use that apply to the travel reservations he/she has made on their behalf, including all rules and restrictions applicable thereto.

All information supplied by the User on this Website must be true, accurate, current, and complete

VII. If the User has a account, the User will solely safeguard his/her account information and will supervise and be completely responsible for any use of the account by him/her and/or anyone other. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to deny access to anyone to this Website and the services we offer, at any time & for any reason, including, but not limited to, for violation of these Terms of Use. grants User(you) a limited, personal, non-transferable, revocable license to access and/or use the Site only as expressly permitted in these Terms and Conditions. Except for this limited license, we do not grant you any other right(s)/license W.R.T. this Site; any rights or licenses not expressly granted herein are reserved.

We allow you to make limited copies of your travel programme (& related documents) for travel or services booked through this Site, you agree not to otherwise modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell or re-sell any information, software, products and/or services obtained from or through this Website. You shall not use this Site to make any speculative, false and/or fraudulent Request(s) in anticipation of demand. You also agree not to access, monitor, or copy any content or information of this Website using any robot, spider, scraper, or other automated means and/or any manual process for any purpose without our express written permission. You cannot incorporate any part of this Website into any other website without our prior written authorization. In addition, we retain the right to remove any material or posting you make on the Site if, in our opinion, such material does not comply with our Terms & Conditions

Third Parties' Account Information

Travellers who fly to or transit through Canada may need an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), this is an automated system that allows Canadian authorities to screen passengers before their arrival in Canada and determine the eligibility of visitors to enter Canada and whether such travel involves any security risk.

Below is the link for ETA online application

Fare Changes

User(s) agree that booking/ reservation done through this Site are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the applicable TSP(s). All booking(s)/reservation(s) are not guaranteed until ticketed. In certain cases, even after the confirmation of a reservation, the fare may change as revised by the Travel Service Provider. We will notify you of any fare changes and never retain any responsibility - financial or otherwise for any such fare changes. We cannot honour the price that was originally listed by the TSP. All we can do is notify you of the new fare and allow you to either cancel or still purchase the products/service(s) at the new cost.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

For an easier payment facility, we accept all credit cards that must have a verifiable US, Canadian or other country billing address. To view the list of countries where credit card(s) are accepted, click the drop menu down on the check-out page.

For any reason, if the User(s) credit card is declined, we may notify the user within 72 hours. Please note that submitting the credit card does not guarantee the ticket. Also, is not responsible in the event that your credit or debit card is not approved or charged

There can be many reasons why your credit or debit card may not have been approved or charged. For examples.

TSP(s) could not confirm the booking as the fare increased since payment information was submitted & prior to ticketing.

Unavailability of sufficient funds not available on the credit card. uses stringent safety measures for credit card payment processing. User(s) warrant being liable & responsible for all credit card payments. Of course, User(s) agree to reimburse in cases of charge back or credit card disputes where the user(s) have genuinely purchased a product/service on our site. If certain transactions are found to be high risk by our systems, we will not process such transactions unless our verification team confirmed that it's safe to process them. In order to establish the validity of such transactions, we may contact the user(s) or their respective bank(s).

Our Mission Statement:

Baggage Policy and Fees

User(s) you agree to pay for certain services and/ or if you exceed certain limits as dictated by the airline, such as the number of bags or weight allowed. If you have excess baggage, you have to pay any excess baggage fee assessed by each airline. Please note some airlines do not offer a free baggage allowance, so we recommend you contact the airline directly for the latest fees on check baggage & policy. Baggage fees depend on the size and weight of the bag and also per checked bag. In the case of connecting flights, users (s) may have to reclaim their bag(s) at the connecting airport and check in again to continue their journey.


All prices displayed on the website are subject to change without notice. This is because the airlines and other Third-Party providers may change the prices at any time.

Special conditions may apply to the prices set out on the website. To determine such conditions, you must contact us or the relevant Third-Party provider.

The prices set out on the website may not include taxes or airport charges or other fees. In this case taxes, airport charges and any additional fees will be displayed during the booking process but prior to payment submission. Pricing is displayed in the US and/or Canadian currency.

Tickets have been issued. Airlines and other travel suppliers may change their prices without notice.

If a price increase occurs after you have made a reservation that affects your travel package, we will notify you of the price increase before taking any further steps.

All reservations are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. If you find that you must cancel a reservation for any reason, please contact us we will do all we can to assist you in this process.

However, please be aware that even if your cancellation is allowed and your reservation is thus refundable, it may be subject to an administrative cancellation fee of USD 300.00 per passenger for international flights, and USD 200.00 for trans-border flights between the USA and Canada and USD 150.00 for domestic flights

For US And Canada bookings, Even If Your Ticket Is Non-Refundable:

  • Within the same day midnight, you may cancel your booking, “subject to our cancellation fees”.
  • All Airline Basic Economy tickets and Promotion tickets cancellation are not permitted Non-refundable tickets
  • All reservations are also non-changeable and non-transferable unless otherwise stated. If you need to make a change to your reservation and that change is allowed, please be aware that such change is subject to a fee. All other flights. There may also be fees or differences in the price charged by any third-party suppliers (e.g., airlines, hotels, cruise lines, etc.) included in your reservation.
  • Once purchased, all tickets are considered non-refundable and non-transferable. All service fees are non-refundable.
  • Name changes are not permitted.
  • Prices do not include Baggage and Carry-On Fees, or other fees charged directly by the airline.
  • Fares are not guaranteed until ticketed. All changes are subject to availability, additional fees, as per the airline's rules and regulations
  • Fees will apply due to airline's penalty, fare difference and other factors in order to change the itinerary.
  • For fare pricing, view our terms and conditions and airline Fare Rule. Your credit card may be billed in multiple charges totalling the above amount. For more information kindly refer to our terms and conditions.
  • All fares are subject to availability and may change without prior notice. Tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable (unless specified).
  • Baggage Allowance: Varies from airlines to airlines and may also be subject to additional baggage fees for which we recommend you check directly with the airlines.
  • Amendments: If you wish to make any change with your booking, please telephone/ email us in the first instance, so we can advise you if the conditions of your ticket permit any changes. If change is permitted, we may ask you to confirm in writing that you wish to change the booking. Changes are also subject to availability, limitations, and restrictions of the relevant travel supplier. If a change increases the cost of your booking, you will need to pay such extra costs.
  • Cancellations/ Amendments by Travel Supplier: Airlines reserve the right to make time changes, or in rare cases, to cancel flights, for operational reasons. Whilst Flight Office is not responsible for, and has no control over, such changes, we will do our best to assist when such situations arise. Any changes or amendments are subject to fare restrictions / seasonality and seat availability at the time of making the amendment. Most of the special price’s tickets are Non-Refundable & Non-Changeable.